Our contribution to environmentally friendly CO2 reduction

As a development service provider, we mainly use electrical energy to operate our devices and computers. We are therefore constantly aligning our IT and our equipment in the direction of energy efficiency as well. The same applies to consulting and development for our customers.

As an example of an industrial device: for every 10 watts of additional energy consumption, it generates an additional 350 kg of CO2 over 10 years in 7/24h operation (and € 250 in additional energy costs).

At qinno, we obtain 100% of the remaining energy requirements from renewable sources. You can view the certificate here.

In the area of developing more environmentally friendly technologies, we have already taken our first steps with our highly optimised thermal energy control.

With our skills in the areas of systems, electronics, software and mechanics, we would be happy to implement innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly projects for you. Please feel free to contact us

Best regards Your qinno Team

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