At the moment, material procurement worldwide is reaching its limits. This is particularly annoying for prototypes and small series. We are happy to support you with:
+ Selection and procurement of replacement types
+ Fitting of alternative enclosure shapes
+ Design and manufacture of adapter boards
+ Test and manufacturability of the modifications

We would be happy to help you take the next step towards success.

Best regards Your qinno Team

As a development service provider, we mainly use electrical energy to operate our devices and computers. We are therefore constantly aligning our IT and our equipment in the direction of energy efficiency as well. The same applies to consulting and development for our customers.

As an example of an industrial device: for every 10 watts of additional energy consumption, it generates an additional 350 kg of CO2 over 10 years in 7/24h operation (and € 250 in additional energy costs).

At qinno, we obtain 100% of the remaining energy requirements from renewable sources. You can view the certificate here.

In the area of developing more environmentally friendly technologies, we have already taken our first steps with our highly optimised thermal energy control.

With our skills in the areas of systems, electronics, software and mechanics, we would be happy to implement innovative, sustainable and environmentally friendly projects for you. Please feel free to contact us

Best regards Your qinno Team

The increasing delays within the supply chains for components and PCBs (in some cases already 26 weeks) are currently leading to extreme price increases and delivery delays of prototypes and series assemblies.

We are happy to support you here with regard to the necessary design measures for alternative components (component selection and testing, commissioning with a focus on the changes) as well as a risk assessment.

We are also happy to perform a product refresh in the direction of discontinuations or modernization for you.

Best regards.

Your qinno Team

Through additional developers in the field of mechatronics or electromechanical design, as well as the expansion of our machine park with another professional 3D printer, we are even better positioned in the future. This enables us to support you even better in the areas of prototyping and series design.

Thus, in addition to our competent and experienced development in the HW and SW area, we can now also offer you solutions in the area of 3D printing, injection molding, deep drawing or milling/bending technology.

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Ask us, we can now support you even more with your entire product design

More about this shortly also on our website ...

Many greetings.

Your qinno mechanics team

Despite the extraordinary situation in which we all find ourselves at the moment, we have once again been able to successfully renew our certificate as part of an audit.

This gives you as a customer the security of corresponding quality standards.

Please note that our aviation certification also includes the ISO 9001 standard for further projects.

We would be happy to prove this to you with your next project.

Best regards.

Your qinno Management

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