Test engineering

Boundary Scan - Wearable
Boundary Scan is ideal for testing extremely small printed circuit board structures, such as wearables, because other test procedures such as ICT or Flying Probe were out of the question due to the limited space available for test points. Since the existing electronics are used to test the assemblies, a simple 5-wire connection to the DUT was sufficient. Due to the high execution speed, the throughput speed in the production process was significantly increased compared to other methods. In combination with a supplementary functional test this proved to be the optimal solution for the implementation of a wearable project. qinno is by the way CoE Member in the GATE program of Göpel Elektronik

Further development focus:
BScan, BST, JTAG, 1149, Göpel, Cascon, DfT, ATE, Embedded Programming, Embedded Board Test
integrated function test
Due to the increasing performance of the platforms used, such as Raspberry Pi, i.MX series and industrial PCs, we were able to implement functional tests directly on the target platform with minimal resource requirements. This enables functional tests in production and can also be helpful for support, service and quality management (self-test) without additional effort.

Further development focus:
Shell-Scripting, DtC, DfT, ATE
Function test + qualification
Early automation allows to combine efforts in the area of pre-qualification and later testing in production. Due to the broadband availability of standard interfaces and comprehensive libraries, the programming language Python has proven to be very efficient for the implementation of qualification and testing concepts. Due to the creation of our own libraries, we have also succeeded in a good integration of measuring equipment, which goes hand in hand with automated documentation.

Further development focuses:
Python, ATE, Test Equipment, Qualification

Important note

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