the first impression
is crucial at the beginning of a project. What should the appearance of my new product be like ? Modern, fancy or rather clear, down-to-earth design ? Own, new design or adapted to your existing product line and your corporate design? 3D representations and animations help with this decision. This can also optimally support construction space investigations and plausibility checks, as well as the possible search for investors.

Main focus:
3D design, 3D visualisation, rendering
Touchable and tangible
How does my product feel in the hand ? How ergonomic is the operation ? Quickly comparing different sample parts, that is the strength of 3D printing. These insights can be gained at a very early stage of the project and thus significantly steer the development in your preferred direction.

Main focus:
3D printing, mechanical prototypes, electronics integration.
Fits into the overall system
Do the electronics fit into the housing? Can the system be wired and handled ? Can the system be mounted easily and effortlessly without special tools ? Is uncomplicated maintenance possible for the service technician ?

Main focus:
Collision control, integration, assembly sequence

Important note

Please note that due to contractual agreements we are only allowed to present know-how and technologies that we have brought in. The illustrations are therefore partly exemplary. Of course we can discuss your project (also under appropriate confidentiality agreements).

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