Medical Technology

Medical system for object detection
A medical device based on the Beaglebone Black was created for object detection using infrared and other technical parameters. The evaluation takes place on the basis of redundant transmitter and receiver diodes in analog circuit and subsequent evaluation with the help of a Linux system. A special feature is the design of the detector system for operating temperatures > 85 °C. The implementation is done in C++/C for the basic system and an additional ATTiny microcontroller. The system also has an interface to a PLC and a USB interface to a PC.

Further development focus:
Printed circuit boards special format, optical optimization
customer support
medical sensor system
We were able to support the customer in the medical and EMC/safety approval of an already functional handheld sensor system based on an STM32 Cortex® M3. This was done by optimizing the layout, multiple review of the functionalities with regard to approval topics, preparation of the documents and specific pre-measurements and optimizations in the EMC area at qinno. Even if developments are "almost" finished, we can provide targeted support.

Further development focuses:
conducted and radiated interference, ESD,
electrical safety
In the field of diagnostic recording of bone structures using multi-distributed array ultrasound sensor technology, a development was brought to market maturity. The signal analysis is done by a sophisticated analog technique in combination with real-time data acquisition in a complex FPGA. The data is transferred via USB to a PC, which is responsible for the analysis and graphic processing of the data. Another subject of this development was the design of the complex mechanics of a handheld device, as well as a medical-suitable housing to accommodate the electronics. The medical approval, laboratory support and document creation for the customer was done by qinno.

Further development focus:
Special sensor technology, ultrasound

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