"Who can do everything, can do nothing right"

is an old proverb. Therefore, here is an excursion into the focus and experience of our previous activities. As Confucius already stated: "Experience is like a lantern in the back, it always illuminates only the piece of way we already have behind us" it is a matter of course for us to constantly deal with new technologies. Here we differentiate very strongly between hypes, practical very useful things and nice gimmicks and will gladly help you with the evaluation.

Medical Technology Test Engineering
The challenge in medical technology today is to implement the latest technologies under constantly increasing regulations and documentation requirements for the protection of the patient. In order to be able to implement this requires both technological knowledge and knowledge of the relevant standards, which go far beyond the requirements of standard industrial products. In this context, a risk and limit assessment of the technologies used is indispensable.

People and technology - here both must fit together seamlessly
Your product will leave the production line safely only with the properties that have been tested beforehand. The complexity of electronics production and many influencing factors (e.g. faulty components or components not conforming to specifications) do not allow this to be done otherwise. Instead of the (very expensive) attempt to optimize the quality of all these factors to maximum, a customized test concept is the best choice. Our experience from product support and know-how in in-circuit testing, flying probe, boundary scan and, above all, precisely fitting functional tests will help you to create a precisely fitting and economical test equipment, even independently of the respective manufacturer.

Your product is unique, the function is unique and your test equipment ?
Medical Technology Test Engineering

software development
control engineering
differs already in the term of "normal" software, because the devices are built in and therefore difficult to access. In addition, there are usually only minimal resources (memory, CPU) available. This requires the use of slim, optimized libraries. In order to keep the effort for this within limits, it is recommended to use existing open source libraries after a thorough selection and evaluation. On larger systems the use of a Linux system with its rich software portfolio and very good quality can be useful. Since in today's systems the software has a substantial portion of the equipment function, the selection and co-ordination with the electronics development is essential here.

How satisfied are you with the functionality of your devices ?
today the characteristics of classic controls and terms such as IoT, IIot and Industry 4.0 are becoming increasingly blurred. terms such as wireless, cloud, edge are new, but the requirements are not. It is important for us to integrate the appropriate latest technologies such as Raspberry-Pi, Espressif and ARM, as well as exciting sensor technologies into new and reliable concepts in a meaningful way, without adopting the sometimes extremely exciting approaches of consumer IoT. Knowledge of CE approval (especially the low voltage directive and radio approval according to RED) and low voltage technology is very helpful for us.

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software development

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