Development of electronic products

for medicine, avionics and industry


New development or update of your designs

with decades of experience...



to implement your product idea professionally and economically.



practical, in line with standards and coordinated with your manufacturer.


Software development

close to the hardware and adapted to your electronics.


project management

prompt and communicative.



according to thermal and EMC conditions.



shift into the next gear with an experienced team.



whether electronics, environment or EMC.


Our services at a glance

Reviews Development Approval Prototyping
Would you like to implement your development in a first prototype? Would you like perhaps a second opinion? If so we would be happy to support you with a review of your documentation in terms of functionality, EMC and manufacturability. You have a brilliant new product idea, but you lack the resources for electronics, software and mechanical development? Together we could make it happen for you. Your product works perfectely. Your next step is the necessary approval-relevant tests. Here, too, we can advise you and provide targeted support through in-house pre-qualification for example, on topics such as EMC, safety or reliability. Available components do not fit in your design? You need a replacement? We would be happy to help you with our expertise through to procurement and assembly. Let us surprise you with our wealth of ideas, whether with bluewires or adapter boards.
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Innovation to your advantage

Technical Know-How

Expansion of the experience available in your company - use of powerful CAD tools without own training - use the experience of the development partner and expand your own core competence

Development capacities

Expansion of your internal development capacities - carry out preliminary investigations and feasibility studies externally and thus relieve your own development - carry out development projects in close cooperation with us so that you can concentrate on your core competence

Laboratory samples / prototypes

Uncomplicated, fast realisation of your design with organisation of procurement

Near-production development

Access to component databases of major EMS service providers - Design for Manufacturing (DFM) / Design for Test (DFT)


Definition of procedures and processes in development - Product creation process ➔ Product and requirements definition - Innovation management in development

Certified processes

Development process certified to EN ISO 9001 and EN 9100

Specialised in top performance

for example Cavitau:


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Microcontroller-Technology 8-64 Bit • Analog and Measurement technology • Optoelectronics • Display-Technologies • Wireless

Power electronics

Mains electronics • Power electronics • Motor control • Switching regulators

Embedded Software

Firmware-Design • Control applications • Test- und driver programs • C, C++, Assembler, HTML

Dektop software

Operating system adaptions • PC-applications • Windows-programs • C, C++, Java, HTML, Visual Basic, Python

Logic design

Logic design based on CPLD, FPGA

Mechanical design / construction

Construction of housing components and complete systems

PCB layout

High speed digital design and EMC • production-ready and cost-optimized

Development tools

Eagle • Altium Designer • DxDesigner • PADS • Autodesk Inventor • LTSpice • KiCad

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